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Passlogix: The Password To Advancing Authenticati  
Password. Fewer words carry as much weight as that simple two-syllable term, a word whose historical reputation is as mythical as its day-to-day function is critical. On a well-chosen password rests the potential for securely protecting parts of, or an entire, computing environment.

Yet, the password is also a burden on IT departments, which spend tens of thousands to millions of dollars yearly in password-related support. As much as 30 percent of helpdesk calls, costing $14 to $25 each, are password-related.

This is where Passlogix's reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions come in. Passlogix solutions improve authentication by separating user authentication from application authentication and strengthening and automating each one.

Passlogix solutions provide the First Steps for advancing authentication and implementing complete identity-management solutions by providing a platform for seamless connection between strong authentication, single sign-on and user provisioning technologies.

Our enterprise solutions work with virtually every application and computing environment, without the need for complex and lengthy deployments, which translates to a rapid return on investment. The philosophy that informs our product development revolves around ease of use, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

Strong Authentication Management

Many organizations are looking to get away from passwords and move towards smart cards, tokens or biometric devices. They seek to strengthen user authentication while eliminating password-related costs. v-GO Strong Authentication Management enables the use of a long list of smart cards, tokens and biometrics to unlock v-GO SSO during the login to Windows - thus bringing strong authentication to every network resource and application. It allows users to switch between authenticators and administrators to restrict access to specific applications based upon the authenticator used to log on.

Passlogix is the password to advancing authentication

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