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Partnership Philosophy

You, members of the Omni community, are integral to the success of Omni! The Omni Partner Programs provide an opportunity for those of the Omni community who are adding value to Omni users to have a formal relationship with Omni and be recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

Types of Partners

The Omni Partners Program supports two types of partners: Strategic Partners and Community Partners.

Strategic Partners :

Omni Strategic Partners are companies that are providing added value to the Omni community by building Omni plug-ins or add-ons, recommending Omni to their developer community or standardizing large-scale internal development teams on Omni.

Community Partners :

Omni Community Partners are individuals or companies who endorse Omni as a development environment and/or application platform. Community Partners may contribute code to the open-source Omni code base, promote Omni by giving presentations, training and writing articles or books.

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